What are some tips for eating out with non-vegan friends as a vegan?

Ask if there are any dairy products on the plates and ask them to omit it. Occasionally, dairy products may be included in dishes where you wouldn't expect to find them. Then add as many vegetables as you want. If you or your family are struggling with veganism, vegetarianism, or plant-based eating, schedule a free 15-minute call with me to see how I can help you achieve your goals.

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Use your best judgment to determine if a product is right for you. To be on the safe side, do more research or confirm on your own. The content of this website and our other publications, including The Vegan Journal, are not intended to provide personal medical advice. If you're a vegan and you live with people who aren't vegans and you're interested in inspiring other people in your household to follow a more plant-based diet, start by veganising their favorite foods.

Matt, I think it's great that you and your wife are vegans and that you're raising your children so that they are. So I offered to prepare and bring the food for us to eat later (with the help of another vegan who came). Yes, I stopped being vegan because I developed iron deficiency anemia that, after several attempts, I couldn't address with a vegan diet. Even eating 100% vegetarian food is considered extreme in my distant family, and living a vegan lifestyle would be considered an attempt to have some kind of privilege, and I really don't want to seem rude if I refuse to eat food with animal products offered by the host.

She is a vegan chef and has the ability to prepare more complex and delicious vegan dishes that even non-vegans drool over. Eat clean, healthy foods that support my beliefs as a vegan and that provide the right fuel for my body. The animal has already suffered, and I think that the animal is no longer honored by wasting food and, right now, I think I do more for veganism by eating it than by staging a scene. I also proactively went out and found vegan restaurants and other vegan people to make friends with.

See my article, “Staying Motivated with a Plant-based Diet,” for other great ways to support a healthy, whole-food vegan diet, such as visualizations, affirmations, skillful use of willpower, and even TED talks. I really wish vegans who preach out loud would follow their example and stop giving carnivores a hard time, because, in my opinion, they scare people or, worse, give vegans and vegetarians a bad reputation, making people much less inclined to “join the club”. Personally, I chose to follow a clean diet, limited to processed foods about a year ago and lately I've been considering a 7-day vegan challenge. But if you want to help your friends and family make the transition to veganism, maybe it would be great to learn how to prepare some really delicious dishes to show people how good vegan food can be.