What are some tips for meal planning as a vegan?

Tips and tricks for planning meals Stock up on cookbooks that you will use over and over again, choose some recipes with somewhat similar ingredients, mark quick and easy healthy recipes as favorites, eat milkshakes, chia pudding or oatmeal for breakfast, follow the basics to snack on something, use whole foods as dessert. Fun new recipes and super fresh produce will fuel the start of the week. Midweek, when life gets hectic, ease the pressure by cooking in batches. Each week, prepare a different pot of beans and a different whole grain.

Grill one or two vegetable trays. Make your favorite sauce or salad dressing. Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, it's quick and easy to make vegan bowls that are nutritious and delicious. You don't have to use a nutrition calculator to make sure your vegan diet is well-balanced, but you should make sure you eat a wide variety of whole, plant-based foods every week.