What are some vegan recipes?

I'm starting a 30-day vegan fast (it's actually Daniel's fast, but it basically boils down to being vegan and being sober). Prepare this divine vegan recipe for your next summer barbecue or when you crave a meal that tastes like fast food without all the unhealthy ingredients. Dip these delicious burgers in vegan sour cream, tomato sauce, or applesauce when you need something healthy to snack on. Falafel was the first food that showed me how tasty vegan dinner recipes could be, and this baked, crunchy version will surely do the same for you.

Try these delicious vegan recipes when you feel like eating something to snack that tastes like classic bar food without all the unhealthy ingredients. Make this healthy vegan recipe when you're craving something that tastes like junk food but is actually packed with nutritious ingredients.