What is the most vegan friendly state?

As with most changes in human behavior, trends toward veganism have been very different from state to state. Our research approach focused on four indicators that we measured for each state, and with that complete data set, we were able to rank all 50 states. To assess a state's vegan population, we looked at online search trends published by Google. The last step of this research consisted of weighing the volume of searches in each state for every million people to achieve a set of data that would allow for a clear comparison and classification.

The second most important piece of data from this research consisted of collecting details on the total number of specialized vegan restaurants in each state. The fundamental part of this research was that we focused strictly on vegan restaurants and excluded vegetarian restaurants, where we would have had to make subjective decisions about how vegan each restaurant was. By comparing the number of restaurants with the population, a clear objective classification was obtained. In order to be able to compare states of different sizes, we also weighted the data for every million people.

Google Maps proved to have the most reliable information on animal welfare groups and shelters. The last step was to re-weigh this figure for every million people to make a comparison between states possible. The most important factor in Nevada reaching the top spot came down to a strong growth in search traffic among the local population. And once we added fourth place in terms of the number of vegan dining options, we got data that placed Nevada marginally ahead of California.

With a slightly lower search volume and a number of vegan restaurants per million people than Nevada, California continues to rank very high, with an increasing trend in both data sets. Oregon has a strong ranking in the top 5 in terms of search volume, but it was the third place for vegan restaurants that brought it to third place overall. The only area where there seem to be more opportunities to win some rankings is through organized meeting groups. The fact that stood out the most for Hawaii is the density of restaurants.

It seems that both locals and people vacationing on the islands have a significant demand for vegan dining experiences. Combined with eighth place in terms of the number of people who used vegan search terms, the data supported a strong overall ranking. One thing we observed during our research is that New York has the highest density of vegan restaurants. However, that density does not continue throughout the state.

Strong overall search trends have allowed New York to finish in the top 5, and there are many active Meetup groups to find more like-minded people. With 29 vegan dining options per million people, New Jersey is well ahead of Hawaii, which is in second place, with 19 restaurants. Maryland ranked in the top 10 because of good search trends and the variety of restaurants. It stands out on this list, especially when you consider the small size of the population.

That would suggest that there is significant scope for more vegan dining options to open up and support that growing search trend. Massachusetts also ranks very high when it comes to animal welfare activities and meeting groups across the state. The tenth place is another well-deserved one, with a good combination of high search trends and the number of vegan restaurants. But what caught our attention the most was fourth place, both in terms of the number of animal welfare groups and the number of meeting groups available.

A detailed analysis of each set of data points provides interesting information about where each state is performing particularly well. The following is the detailed classification of the four data sets we analyzed:. These are the ten best states in terms of the number of vegan restaurants to choose from. There are a few surprises there, including Texas, which would be more famous for its traditional barbecues.

Since Texas isn't on the list of the 10 best vegan restaurants, that could be a good indication that the vegan population per capita has surpassed the number of vegan restaurants available. Here is the list from EE. UU. States by number of meeting groups per capita.

Based on our research, it seems that many of the smaller states seem to be at the forefront when it comes to providing animal welfare services. What surprised us most about Delaware is that the state has nearly twice as many animal welfare groups per capita as South Dakota, which comes in second place. KCR is an Internet-based radio station run by students from San Diego State University that provides music, sports and interview programs to the SDSU community. The KCR can be listened to directly through the RadioFX and TuneIn applications.

TuneIn is available on home, car and laptop devices, and works with Alexa and Google Home. Even people who don't identify as vegans are shouting from the rooftops how tasty the food options are in Seattle. Any content from Canada for US Slaughterhouse n Pib Barn Capital of Canada WPG has a vegan meeting n 2 boonburger, all vegan leftovers. As more and more Americans opt for a plant-based diet, the study analyzed TripAdvisor data to determine which of the most populated cities in each state offers the most vegan takeaway and home delivery options, so that, even with an impending lockdown, you can eat vegan food.

As part of the study, Myprotein has also organized the best vegan food tour in the United States, with stops across the country. The city has more than 140 vegan restaurants spread from Times Square to the suburbs; there are 75 vegan restaurants on the island of Manhattan alone. San Francisco is also home to one of the largest selections of vegan markets and health food stores in the country. Seattle is famous for its beautiful landscapes, but Seattle is also the place to be when it comes to finding vegan food options.