Which non dairy foods are high in calcium?

Foods rich in calcium for vegans and people who do not consume dairy products with chia seeds. A single ounce, or 2 tablespoons, of chia seeds provide 179 mg of calcium. While dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are especially high in calcium, there are many dairy-free sources of calcium. In addition to their little known calcium content, a cup of green beans contains 16 percent of the daily intake of vitamin C and 4 grams of fiber, which is one of the best weight-loss nutrients on the planet.

Top steamed green beans with a little olive oil, pine nuts, ground pepper and garlic powder to delight your taste buds and get health benefits. While this citrus fruit is best known for its rich vitamin C content, a large orange also provides 74 milligrams of calcium. Enjoy the fruit on its own as a snack, or combine a few slices with spinach, sliced almonds, grilled chicken, shallots and a ginger dressing to create an Asian-style salad. Approximately 85 grams of steamed rabe broccoli contains an enormous amount of 100 milligrams of bone-protecting calcium and is also a good source of vitamin C that boosts the immune system.

Add vegetables to your diet to stay strong and healthy. We like to sauté it with olive oil and garlic and cover it with a layer of Parmesan cheese. It's best to consume vitamins and minerals naturally through food or drink, and these calcium-rich foods show that you don't need dairy products to fill you up on a daily basis. While dairy products are the best source of calcium in the diet, there are other foods that contain this important nutrient.